Small steps create big changes

During the Coronavirus pandemic, I worked as part of an awesome team coordinating various help across the city of Plymouth for vulnerable people and those isolating. For me it was getting food out to those in need.

Speaking to people, especially those most in need, brought my attention to the real need to address the food issues in the city. People unable to afford basic necessities, let alone fresh healthy food. Families not having the time or the knowledge of how to cook from scratch. I was so sure there was a way forward in addressing the issue, that I started thinking of how I could better use my own skills. With this in mind, and a view to help those really hoping to take on a healthier lifestyle, the vegan recipe box was born, with a 'buy two, donate one' concept.

Here we are donating our first recipe box ( or rather bags) to M.A.R.S ( Multi Agency for Rough Sleepers) which is part of PATH Plymouth, organising support for those most vulnerable.

The donation works the same as the buy an extra coffee for a vulnerable person, in many coffee shops.

Also by offering workshops we give people the skills to buy better at less cost and cook food that isn't full of sugar and preservatives. It also encourages people to be more sustainable in their shopping choices. Of course, I am myself a single mum on an extremely low income made worse by Covid19. I needed to think about how I could afford to do this on a personal level. I had been a private chef on many occasions for friends and family, but never in a 'making money to live' kind of capacity I knew this would help to fund the other two ideas, as well as support my children and I financially.

Community is so important to me and I feel that we can tackle so many societal issues at this level, that and a bit of basic understanding. This is why my daughters and I support local business, regularly volunteer with various organisations, including Plymouth Soup Run, with Maddie (pictured below) and lots of other wonderful people. 

This week has been a bit manic

*I applied for Support from Real Ideas Organisation (RIO) and was succesful and I am so excited to take Veganish by Zoë to the Devonport Guildhall - a fantastic space for creating and experimenting.

*Researching sustainable local business that offer cruelty free produce (and not just to animals, to their workers too!).

*Speaking to organisations to tackle food poverty

It is going to be a busy few weeks and new recipes for boxes are currently underway, as well as making the gifts that are also available through the website and our Facebook and Instagram pages.  Watch this space!

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