Hi, I'm Zoe

Allow me to introduce myself

A fully qualified chef with over 20 years experience of catering, hospitality and fine dining.  

I became vegetarian around 5 years ago as part of my exploration into Buddhism. I switched to being vegan shortly after and aside from the occasional addition of cheese, I haven't looked back.

Whilst experimenting with a vegan diet, I have realised that it is not cheap. But more than that, I have felt the benefits of a plant-based diet both physically and mentally. I have also obtained significant weight loss and lower blood pressure. The sense that I am doing something good in the world is obviously good for my well-being. 

Veganish by Zoë hopes to expel the myth that vegan food is mostly manufactured meat substitutes that are full of salt and sugar, that taste of cardboard. With simple easy, affordable vegan recipe boxes; Dining experiences and Cookery workshops that come to you! All menus can be adapted to a vegetarian diet.